Temple Beautiful

Helping you obtain body, mind, heart, and spirit alignment
to transform into your highest potential.


Temple Beautiful is Temple of Beauty and Harmony. Beauty is created when every aspect of a being exists in Harmony. When each individual exists in its own Temple of Beauty, the world as a whole exists in Harmony.

Attend an Event

Free Monthly Group Meditation and Prayer

First Saturday of the month from 11am -1pm.

6540 Lusk Blvd,suite C2748, San Diego, CA 92121


Be Part of Our Vision

This website provides you with basic building blocks to create your beautiful life and reach your highest potential. Read the content and contemplate, and be part of our vision. Sign up for our news letters, share our website to someone you believe will benefit, be part of our community, or you can donate. You are a Beautiful Temple and we are creating a beautiful world together.

Schedule an Energy Assessment

Our Founder, Elly Lolly  will provide you with an energy assessment of your home or work place in person or via a phone consultation. Also check out our community members to find out what they can do for you.

Elly brings about a shift in you just with her presence, and reads your life like a book and helps you write the next chapter that you’d like to read.