Gentle Wind

Welcome to Temple Beautiful Community!  

Here you will find a list of recommended healers, practitioners, consultants and coaches. Please check them out to see what they can do for you. They hold the same vision as Temple Beautiful.

Elly Zhou Lolly , our founder is offering integrative Fenshui service to homes, small businesses and corporations utilizing ancient Chinese wisdom of Zhou Yi (I- Ching).  She also provide fengshui and healing work for the individual. She has helped many people bring prosperity, and abundance into their life, transform their limitations and heal some deep seeded wounds.   She is a certified aromatherapist (C.A.), utilizing essential oil in her energy healing and spiritual intuitive consultation with other healing tools; or give her a call at 858-692-8282 

Dr. Nancy De Andrade is an Ordained Minister with a Doctorate in Psychology and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her extensive training includes Eastern and Western methodologies to help balance mind, body and spirit. She combines diverse traditions and energy psychology techniques to address the psycho-physical energy system and clear the blockages or disruptions in the energy flow, including the layers of subtle energy in the body field.
Rev. Barbara Korte is a Sound/Energy Practitioner, teacher,  councilor, and physic from Minnesota, who has the unique ability to help others release their trauma, stories, programming, belief systems & patterning at a deep cellular level. Through that she helps others to live a more empowered and heart centered life! Her passion is to help others to tune in to their own Divine Guidance so they can make a difference in this world!  She does phone consultation at 949/636-2905.