Do I choose my parents or parents to choose me? whenever people ask such a question, they usually come to a place of soul searching. My answer to that question : it is I choose my parents. The soul arranges its parents.

In order for a soul to come to earth to meet its biological environment, it requires a hosting family to provide an egg and a sperm. that hosting family in old days belong to a normal family, however, as our society evolves into multi-dimensional structures, that hosting family can be in all kind of forms. yet their DNA structure of the original parents is still the key to the soul come to earth. However, since the parents who raised them until they become adults will change their life path than their original parents. so the soul has more to choose and all is good.

Some people might ask me how do I know that is the case. do you have proof? how to prof that is the case, in order to allow our left brain to make sense, I can tell you stories. then you can make a decision your self.

First story

I have grown up in the countryside of China during the culture revolution ara. when I was young, the rule of China was that if you were born in a village, you are a farmer. if you were born in a city, then you can get a job in the city work in some kind of factory or department and even get a retirement pension. One day I was working in the filed, while I was rest after heavy labor, I asked myself, why I have to be born into my family, not in someone else’s family. then all of a sudden, it occurred to me, if I didn’t born into my family, there will be no ME, if my parents married someone other than each other, I will be different or may not even exist. so after that realization, I cease to ask such a question and come to acceptance.

Then I left China at age 20, while I was traveling around the world, I wish I was a man, not women. being a woman has so many limitations. Then one day I met an American and I call him the statue of liberty, against my own parents’s wishes and married this man at age 25. He has two daughters from a previous marriage, and I was a stepmother for many years raised the two girls. then one day, all a sudden, I have this urge that I want to have my own child. my husband then actually does not want to have another child. but for me, that urge and calling were so strong, we argued and I even told him that if he doesn’t want to give me a child I will divorce him. I was even planning to have a child born in year 1999 or the year 2000. so, in the end, my son comes to the earth and born in the year 1999. yet, in 2004 his father wanted a divorce.

a few days ago, my son comes home from college for Christmas vacation, we talk about the life expectancy of my generation and his generation. he told me that his generation’s life span can be more than 100 years, where my generation’s life span is around 80-90 years. I asked him how he feels about born in the year 1999, he said, he really likes it. he wants to be that way, that he is born in a century ahead. when he said that, it brought back the memory of me deciding to have a child born in the year of the rabbit (1999)vs Dragan(2000), it was exactly the reason and the way how he feels about now. it was like a deja vu.

It was a very difficult pregnancy to have my son, I always felt that his energy was too stronger for me and foreign, yet, I also can feel the sensitivities of him within my stomach. My son has been a gift to me, he was the one who is there with me on my spiritual path, who never judge me, and allow me to be who I am. Where my own parents are very traditional and judgemental. we are helping each other to grow in our own way. he is one person in this world that I lest worry.

I was willing to divorce my ex-husband in order to have my child. in the end, he was raised in a divorced family. Maybe his soul already knows that was the case. In order for me to grow spiritually, I need to be on my own. One time in meditation, I saw the energetic bonding between him and his father which is the karmic relationship between them and has nothing to do with me.

Another story is about a future soul wants coming into earth.

One day I attended an event and met an old friend, have not seen her for some time, she is single. We were so happy to see each other, and then we start talking and chatting. then start talking about Fengshui her love department. I was giving her ideas about how to arrange her home to attract the right man into her life. She starts talking about a child. she wants to have a child. I ask her if she wants to raise her child with a man or simply wants to borrow the seed? she thought about and told me that she would like to raise the child with a man, but if she could not find the right man, she will use a backup plan. As she talking, I felt this presence of her child in her aura, who carries the energy of Jewish in it. So I told her that her child is in her aura, but out of surprise, she told me that she is Jewish but not sure if she wants to marry a Jewish man.

Soon we will know who is the father of her child. Her child knows and will arrange it.