Integrating each part of ourselves in harmony

At the deepest level, we are one with nature. We are simply light energy interconnecting and affecting one another. For human beings to flourish, we need to integrate each part of ourselves to live in harmony.


We are part of nature, and we are all connected in a world wide web of energy.

Human beings are part of nature. The physical world of matter, which is composed of atoms and molecules, is constantly interacting to create dynamic energies. Energy is defined in physics as a property of objects, transferable between each other via fundamental interactions that can be converted into different forms but not created or destroyed. There are many forms of energy, including kinetic, potential, mechanical, mechanical wave, chemical, electric, magnetic, radiation, nuclear, ionization, elastic, gravitational, intrinsic, thermal, heat, mechanical work, fire, light, and life force (Qi or Parana). Human beings are both generators and transmitters of energy. Usually when molecules and atoms are heated up, they move faster and faster and bump into each other more and more often, and with greater force. As a result of these collisions, the molecules in a heated substance spread farther apart and the substance expands and becomes less and less dense. For example, the temperature of the water (H2O) is a measure of the average kinetic energy (energy of motion) of the many water molecules. As the water absorbs more heat, the motion of all water molecules becomes faster and faster, increasing the average kinetic energy and causing the temperature of the water to rise, and after a certain point the compounding H2O becomes hydrogen and oxygen itself. But when the temperature of water goes down below the freezing point, it condenses into solid ice. We can have iced tea in the summer using a few cubes of ice from the refrigerator, or we can have a cup of hot tea by boiling the water quickly before its molecules evaporate. We can manipulate the state of matter by adjusting its energy level. FengShuiThe living organisms on the Earth consist of the same physical matter, atoms and molecules, but they have a different makeup compared to solid matter like rocks and minerals. They have life cycles and may depend on others to live. There is a natural ecosystem built on Earth to sustain all the living beings living in harmony. The vegetable kingdom, such as plants, trees, flowers, and grass, depends on the sun, soil, and water to grow. The animal kingdom depends on the vegetable kingdom and each other to live. Once a living being dies, it’s physical body decays, turns into dust, and becomes food for the vegetable kingdom. The Chinese believe the human body is a micro image of the Earth, made of the same elements and both have meridians running across. Disease is due to energy blockage and stagnation. Traditional Chinese medicine is about balancing the five elements of water, earth (soil), metal, fire, and wood, adjusting the nodes of the meridian lines to allow vital Qi (energy) to flow smoothly throughout the body. Feng Shui was developed to detect the energy level on Earth. Feng 凤 is the wind, while Shui 水 is the water; both represent the flow of energy on the Earth. Both Chinese medicine and Feng Shui were derived from the book of change, I-Ching. This book is a mathematic calculation developed based on three major groups — Earth, human (living beings) and heaven (spirit) — interacting with the duality of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine), and their effect on each other. The old sages understood the dynamic relationship between all living beings on the Earth, and found simple ways to maneuver dynamic interactions of all different energy webs so human beings can flourish and coexist with nature in harmony. Back to top


We are intelligent living beings. As individuals, the integration of body, mind, heart, and spirit is vital to the quality of our life.

We can simply deduce the complex physical body, mental thoughts, emotional waves and spirit into a simple team of energy. We know all living organisms require available energy to stay alive. Human beings get energy from food along with oxygen to help us metabolize so our physical body stays alive. Without sunlight, many plants will not live, and without an inner fire/spirit, human beings will fall apart and lose their purpose to live. Your spirit knows your past, present, and future and has access to all your life’s records, memories, thought patterns, emotional traumas, and good and bad deeds; it knows your originally designed human blueprint. It is easy to understand how human biology functions and maintains its physical balance, but it is not easy to detect the spirit and inner fire. From the biological point of view, we know human beings are all the same internally, consisting of systems such as skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, immune/lymphatic, urinary, and female and male reproductive. External features based on genetic makeup and mutations as well as environmental conditions result in us seeing differences in eye color, skin color, and hair color. We also know human beings are equipped with six senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, and intuition. Your intuition, which is governed by your spirit, is your subtle perception ability, gut feelings and hunches, and inner knowing. It is the ability to perceive the subtle dimension or the unseen world of spirits, angels, heaven, etc., which is beyond the understanding of the intellectual, logical mind and mostly dismissed in daily life. The six senses act like the digital signal transmitters; they work in tandem to help human beings monitor the internal and external environment, and allow the physical body (cells of all organs) to interact and adjust to the ever-changing world to maintain its equilibrium and harmony. All emotions that originate within our physical embodiment are a result of chemical reactions of sensory and mental (mind) input. However, the mind likes to be in charge of the whole physical body. If we only allow our minds to be in charge, we might appear to be cold and distant toward others, much like a robot without emotions. Conversely, if we let our emotions run wild, it can be overwhelming or draining for the body. For instance, after having a temper tantrum, a child’s body becomes tired because he/she has burned off so much energy. The best way to deal with emotional waves is to be mindful. This does not mean letting the mind be in charge, acting or reacting a certain way, but is more of an observation of the emotional waves. Being mindful allows a person to see the root cause of the emotion rather than trying to fix the symptom; it also allows the emotional wave to pass easily through the body. Our logical mind, which some call the ego mind, is highly developed compared to other animals on Earth, and its primary function is to protect itself from danger or being killed. Our logical mind is like a computer, taking on default program commands and managing the physical body out of fear of death and danger. In many situations, it is good for the logical mind to be in charge and take full control of the body, but the mind also needs quiet downtime to learn to listen to the intelligence of the body and trust its own intuition. Every living organism goes through the life and death process. It is through the cycle of life where soul and species evolve in the Earth plane. For the ego mind, death is the ultimate ending point, but for the soul, death is simply a transition point on its journey, so there is nothing to be afraid of. We can transmute any lower dense vibration energy into a higher vibration by changing our views and belief system. There are studies of kinesiology by Dr. David Hawkins, in his map of consciousness, he provides a list of energy level based on a person’s view of life. In this case, higher consciousness has a higher energy level. For example:

  • One who views life as tragic and has feelings of regret has an energy level of 50.
  • One who views life as disappointment has an energy level of 125.
  • One who views life as perfect and feels at peace has an energy level of 600.
  • One who views GOD as self and life as IS has an energy level of 700-1,000.

Imagine you see yourself as Buddha, Jesus or Muhammad walking around the Earth right now. What kind of miracles can you perform? Depression, anxiety, fear, despair, disease (dis-ease), and all other lower emotional energy disappears. You may even transcend death itself and be one with your spirit/higher self. You bring heaven to Earth! Back to top


We are part of the world community. We coexist with others and our interaction with our family, community, country, and the world plays an important role in our life.

Through our history books, we learned that human society evolved from nomadic hunters and gatherers to the settlement of agriculture, then to our modern-day industrialization over thousands of years. We are not here to argue how long human history has been, but based on written records of different cultures, thousands of years is still a long time and definitely has an effect on human genetics. We learned to hunt and gather in groups, and adapt to our living environment, and developed highly advanced tools over time. We even developed nuclear weapons of mass destruction that can kill all living beings on Earth. It seems a thousand years of history was based on fear and survival instincts to protect individuals and their tribal groups. It created so much distrust among each other and different countries. People forget that as human beings, we are part of a big family of Earth. We are all unique individuals born into our lineage to help us evolve, learn, or clear off our old karma. Karma (positive or negative) is the law of cause and effect and it is part of energy state that never goes away until it is transformed into a different state. For example, say in one life you hated someone and killed that person who belonged to a different ethnic group, after your death, your soul decides to come back to clear off the old karma. To transcend the dense negative hatred energy to a high vibration energy of love and forgiveness in this life, you may be born into the same ethnic group and have similar experiences, or your roles are revised so you can experience what the other experienced before; either way, you are here to clear off your old karma. The interesting part of this karmic business on Earth is that you can transcend your old karma in one life, or you may repeat the same pattern over and over again until one day you transcend, time has no reference in term of karmic energy. Your karma is locked into your DNA and it can impact your children; of course you ancestors’ karma can impact you, but if you can clear the negative karma in your DNA, you are set free for your children and their children, as well as your ancestors. It is a multidimensional combustion explosion of energy transformation throughout time and space. That is why there are so many spiritual teachings of “NOW.” The people we interact with in our lives, whether they are family members, work colleagues, or strangers who are local or from distant places, may have something to do with our past or future. This is especially true for people with whom we have any emotional ties, positive or negative; they are your soul mates and are here to help you see, learn, and evolve. They each hold a gift for you and you are tasked with finding it out. I remember in my early years of traveling abroad, in 1991, I failed my English test and had to leave Australia, and was not allowed to return until one year later. I was ashamed to go back to China because I failed to accomplish my goals, which were to learn English and obtain a Western education. The only place I could go after Australia was the Fiji Islands, so I booked the ticket, said goodbye to all the Chinese friends I had made, and went on my lonely journey. I arrived in Fiji and stayed with a church minister’s family. I cried for a whole month and felt scared and lonely; I even kept a knife under my pillow. One day, I met a young lady in her 20s who was a missionary from Australia. She was happy and bright; we connected, and then she invited me to her place. I was shocked to see where she lived: a coconut leaf mat under a straw hut with nothing else. Compared to her, at least I had a normal house to live in and a room of my own. All of a sudden I realized something: she had given up her comfortable life in Australia to go to Fiji as a missionary for a higher purpose, but my goals were all personal, so what was the point of feeling sorry for myself, scared, or lonely? I stopped crying and wrote a letter to my family in China and told them I can live anywhere in the world now. This missionary held up a mirror as a gift for me even though we only know each other for a short time; she gave me the gift of self, which is reflected by others, and the knowledge that happiness and strength are within. The life we live can quickly help transform others. Be grateful for every being that comes across your path; they all add so much color into your life and make your life journey more fun and interesting. We are all together for reasons you may not see at times, but one day a light will go off in your head and you’ll realize something so profound and amazing has happened. Treat yourself and others well with kindness and compassion; your worst enemy might have been your greatest lover in some distant past. Any arrows we send out will wound others, and inevitably will return and wound ourselves, since energy never disappears, but only can be transmuted into a different state. Compassion creates understanding and neutrality. Love heals all wounds and love is nature itself. We are LOVE. Back to top