Holistic Health

The best asset anyone can ask for on the planet of Earth is a healthy body. Health has nothing to do with material wealth, rich or poor, whether you’re from an affluent society or simply trying to make ends meet. How to sustain a healthy body and longevity have been one of the major quests for many people across different cultures. Many cultures have developed their own traditional medicines or homeopathy remedies to help sick people before modern-day Western medicine was available. For example, traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayuvedic medicine have been around for thousands of years. Both traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine believe good health is total harmony of the elements of water, earth, fire and air, along with their own unique view of body and energy.

Now, there are many options and methods a person can choose to heal sickness. We can transplant organs between different people and fuse broken bones with surgical plates and screws; people get hip replacements and walk around within a week. Medicine has advanced so much, and soon we’ll be able to grow our own organs from stem cells. Western medicine, especially surgery, can dice and put each part of physical body together, but it still functions in a compartmentalized fashion, disregarding the soul and spirit. The integration of body, mind, and soul is vital to our health.

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1. For any person to stay healthy on this planet Earth, the most important thing is that we need to raise human consciousness from fear – to love- based high vibration.

No victim, punishment, or war on Earth. In order for the human race as a whole to flourish on the planet earth, the first and foremost important prevention is not being killed by each other over the war. We have developed nuclear weapons could wrap out entire human race in few seconds. Selling weapons to your neighbor or another country so you can profit is no difference as poisoning the water you are drinking and it is against the fundamental basic health code of human beings. The thought of killing another is poison of the mind and it is out of the dark side of human nature that people need to defend one another to stay alive. The ego mind fear of death wrapped around itself creates more distorted thoughts and justifications for the mind to operate on; it created a black hole so deep there is no way to figure out where the initial thoughts came from. Not long that black hole sinks anyone and everything around it and creates more fears until it destroys itself. In contrast, love is nature itself and it is healing energy. As more and more love fuses together, it expands to the infinite possibility. In order for the human race to flourish, we need peace on Earth without war of any kind—no war between sexes (male vs. Female), races, and countries or over religion’s beliefs. We are ONE, holistically speaking; there is God in each of us and we are all masters of our own creation. As a human race we are highly evolved beings and it is our responsibility to care for each other and all the living beings of the Earth to maintain balance and harmony.

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2. In order for human beings to extend their life span and not aging too fast, self-balancing healing is required.

Most disease occurs when our immune system is low, so the body cannot fight against viruses, bacteria or harmful substances from the external world, or when some form of cancer cells within the body overgrow and take over the rest. Prevention is vital for human beings to stay healthy.

There are layers of energy force fields that exist around the human body; some refer it as aura. It acts as a shell of protection. The outermost layer is a spiritual body, within is the mental body, then emotional body, then physical body. There is a hierarchical structure of these energy bodies. Spiritual body monitors mental body, mental body monitors emotional body, and emotional body monitors physical body. The energy overlays and penetrates from the outer to inner fields.

One self-balancing healing method is to be mindful of your own emotional waves and mental thoughts, shifting any negative thoughts and feelings to positive ones as soon as possible. During an aura reading class, we did an experiment that started by locating each person’s nature aura field, to see what colors we naturally have. Then we send different thoughts to that person. When we send loving thoughts, you see the person’s aura expand, but when we send negative thoughts, you see the aura contract and close into its physical body. Thoughts, which are, mental energy, have an effect on other people’s emotional reactions. If a person is constantly under negative emotional impact, we will see a leak or rips in their aura system. Disease will occur and people will have physical pain and complications. Now we can understand why stress is the number one cause of disease today. Stress is mental and emotional dis-ease. It shrinks both layers of energy force field close to the physical body and creates leakage and holes in the defense wall. If the rip doesn’t heal in time, soon sickness will follow.

Another self-balancing healing method is learning to meditate to connect to the spirit, and understand our body has its own intelligence within the cells and DNA. As human beings evolve and raise their vibration, more DNA codes will be activated, and reprogram the cells of the body to create healthy new cells. Self-repairing and regeneration of cells will become a natural process.

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3. Maintenance of bio-machine: exercise and eat the right food.

Our physical body is a bio-machine that requires energy to keep it alive. All chemicals and hormones need to be balanced, and blood pressure needs to be at a certain level. Each part of the body functions individually, yet everything works as whole in totality and harmony. Maintenance is required for any machine to run well. Exercise is form of maintenance for the body. The benefit of exercise will strengthen muscle groups and help with daily activities, increase blood and oxygen flow, and release toxins out of the body. There are many forms of daily exercise a person can explore: walking, running, hiking, cycling, swimming, dancing, yoga, martial arts, tiqi and playing sports, etc.

What is the right food to eat? Many people have been asking this question. The right food is what the body needs. It is natural, fresh, and organic, and has all the nutrients the body needs. For thousands of years, all food was grown locally and organically throughout the world. After industrialization occurred, agriculture becomes a form of industry, chemicals were introduced to kill bugs, food was processed for longer shelf times, and cattle were confined in tiny spaces on auto feeders. The intent (a form of energy) of growing food has been changed from supporting the body’s needs to making a profit. Many of these unnatural ways of growing food have passed their energy to consumers- human beings, which is why you see a lot of obesity in developed countries, where people consume the wrong type of food and lack healthy energy for the body.

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4. Be part of nature.

Light reflects in color. The color of the rainbow is reflected in all creations of the Earth. There are 7 energy centers in the Chakra system, each reflected in color, from the base of the spine to the top of the head: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Each color has its own energy frequency, and resonates with the same energy to stay in the same frequency band. Therefore, our body resonates the colorful world around us. Green reflects our heart center and is the color of the vegetable kingdom. Yellow reflects the will power center; the Chinese name their emperor “yellow king.” Purple reflects with spirit centers; it is considered a royal color that only royalty and religious leaders wore in the ancient world.

Nature supplies everything we need: sun, water, oxygen, vitamins and minerals, food, and even herbs that cure sickness. Nature itself is a harmonic ecosystem balanced by its own elements, unless we humans distort the ecosystem by polluting the air, water and land; cutting down forests; and taking away lands for city development. We are one with nature and it is our responsibility to maintain balance with our environment; if not, nature will take its own course.

During many of my Feng Shui energy assessments on homes, I see stagnation of the home reflected on those who live there, but once the adjustment is made, energy flows smoothly. However, there are cases where people in the house fall back to old habitual behavior patterns and bring back stagnated energy. It is evident we are the cause of our environmental imbalance, which in turn causes imbalance in ourselves. We build homes with “functionally obsolescent” structures and offices with no natural light. People spend 8 hours a day indoors without any sunlight, which is against nature itself. Functional obsolescence is defined in real estate as a reduction in the usefulness or desirability of an object. It may be caused by a deficiency or a super adequacy. Some forms are curable and others are incurable. All functionally obsolescent structures considered as bad Feng Shui, creating stagnated energy that resonates with those who live or work there. The “Law of attraction” in this sense is like to attract alike, where same energy wave band from the environment will resonate with the same energy in human beings, therefor negative stagnation will reflect dysfunction or health complication in the person and Vis Vasa. On the other hand positive energy will resonate with positive energy. That is why good Feng Shui brings prosperity into people’s lives: success, flourishing, or thriving condition; good health and good fortune.

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5. Holistic human beings on Earth

Human nature will evolve from animal instinct and habitual behavior into much more evolved beings who are patient, loving, kind and less angry, more balanced, compassionate, consume less, tolerant of all religious beliefs, and feel comfortable with everyone around them. Survival is unification, not separation or victimization. Human beings know we are in charge of our reality and no one else is to be blamed for what happens in our lives. Human beings are a balanced product of ego and spirit, each has a god within; there is no punishment needed, and each will have a much longer life span due to self-balancing healing,and change the body through conscious alignment and realignment. People will have children only knowing Earth will support them and there is synergy between human beings and Earth and all the support systems. Life is precious to all.

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1. Traditional Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years to manage the Qi flow through meridians that associate with the yin and yang (feminine and masculine) principle and interaction of the elemental qualities of fire, earth, metal, water and wood in association with the organs of the body.

Table of Chinese Meridians
Quality of Yin or Yang Meridian Name (Chinese) Five Elements Organ
Faint Yin (jueyin, 厥阴) Jueyin Liver Channel of Foot (足厥阴肝经) or Foot’s Absolute Yin Liver Meridian Wood (木) Liver (肝)
Lesser Yang (Shaoyang, 少阳) Shaoyang Gall Bladder Channel of Foot (足少阳胆经) or Foot’s Minor Yang Gall Bladder Meridian Wood (木) Gall Bladder (膽)
Lesser Yin (shaoyin, 少阴) Shaoyin Kidney Channel of Foot (足少阴肾经) or Foot’s Minor Yin Kidney Meridian Water (水) Kidney (腎)
Greater Yang (taiyang, 太阳) Taiyang Bladder Channel of Foot (足太阳膀胱经) or Foot’s Major Yang Urinary Bladder Meridian Water (水) Urinary bladder (膀胱)
Greater Yin (taiyin, 太阴) Taiyin Lung Channel of Hand (手太阴肺经) or Hand’s Major Yin Lung Meridian Metal (金) Lung (肺)
Yang Bright (yangming, 阳明) Yangming Large Intestine Channel of Hand (手阳明大肠经) or Hand’s Yang Supreme Large Intestine Meridian Metal (金) Large Intestine (大腸)
Greater Yin (taiyin, 太阴) Taiyin Spleen Channel of Foot (足太阴脾经) or Foot’s Major Yin Spleen Meridian Earth (土) Spleen (脾)
Yang Bright (yangming, 阳明) Yangming Stomach Channel of Foot (足阳明胃经) or Foot’s Yang Supreme Stomach Meridian Earth (土) Stomach (胃)
Lesser Yin (shaoyin, 少阴) Shaoyin Heart Channel of Hand (手少阴心经) or Hand’s Minor Yin Heart Meridian Fire (火) Heart (心)
Faint Yin (jueyin – 厥阴) Jueyin Pericardium Channel of Hand (手厥阴心包经) or Hand’s Absolute Yin Heart Protector Meridian Fire (火) Pericardium (心包)
Lesser Yang (shaoyang, 少阳) Shaoyang Sanjiao Channel of Hand (手少阳三焦经) or Hand’s Minor Yang Triple Burner Meridian Fire (火) Triple Burner (三焦)
Greater Yang (taiyang, 太阳) Taiyang Small Intestine Channel of Hand (手太阳小肠经) or Hand’s Major Yang Small Intestine Meridian Fire (火) Small Intestine (小肠)

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2. Ayurvedic medicine believes the balance of three substances called Doshas: Kapha, Pitta and Vata, will result in good health, while imbalance results in disease. Each Dosha has its own attribute and quality related to body and mind.

Table of Doshas
Doshas Quality Body Elements Nature
Kapha Energy of lubrication and structure. The architecture of the body crates stability and tolerance and all the body to endure.  Bones, Immune system, reproductive system, cognitive functions, joint lubrication Earth + Water Later winter to early spring. Moon /Rain
Pitta energy of transformation  of moisture and fire with the body Metabolism, Digestion, Liver, Call Bladder and Small Intestine Fire + Water Later spring to summer. Sun/heat
Vata energy of movement  and space and air within the body Brian, Nervous System, Joints, Colon, and Large Intestinal Tract Wind + space Fall to early winter. Wind

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