Self Mastery

We are divine creators

We are divine creators, magnificent, powerful and capable of amazing creations. Each of us contains the spark of divine essence that some refer to as spirit/higher self/God within. The spirit/higher self is comprised of light and a divine blueprint. Light is energy, wave, color, part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and dynamic. Light exists in all matters, is quantum, and can appear and disappears at two different locations; therefore, human beings are capable of time travel or bilocation.

Our physical, emotional, mental, and spirit bodies function at a multidimensional level. Our DNA follows the instruction of our divine blueprint to create our uniqueness based on our past life karmic energy or ancestral lineage and soul’s purpose. Our divine blueprint acts like the motherboard of a digital design, and our DNA acts as the gatekeeper, enabling certain paths and not others. Therefore, each human being on Earth is created differently and has a unique makeup.

The journey of self-mastery is to work toward that perfect divine blueprint, becoming a magnificent being capable of miracles and amazing earthly experiences. “The inner knowing” which is the language of the spirit, exists in each of us. That “knowing” is like a default program that keeps us on autopilot, but we never lose our free will. This means we may evolve more than planned, or repeat karmic lessons from a previous life; the process of connecting with our spirit and evolving occurs spontaneously.

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Learning ProcessLearning process

Earth is the playground for the soul to work toward the spirit/higher self. Soul is a segment of spirit/higher self; while we may be Chinese, American, German, Japanese, Mexican, Indian, etc., having specific traditions and customs, we are all part of the human race. Our soul evolves from many different sources or star systems. Some souls are evolved from plants or the animal kingdom, and some are old souls that have been on Earth many lifetimes, while others are new souls from other star systems in the universe — yet we are all here going through our learning process.

Many of us forget that divine essence exists in all of us; our soul is here on a journey of evolution. As the soul evolves toward higher self, it triggers our DNA to open other gates that were blocked before, allowing energy to flow toward that magnificent divine human being capable of amazing creation and life flow with ease and grace.

Usually a major event occurs to help the soul evolve and reprogram itself. However, some people view change as negative and may ask: Why is this happening to me? What happened to my God? Why and why? It is easy to get into a downward spiral of pity, anger, and blame — blaming the whole universe for what happened instead of letting the event pass and see what’s going on. The Chinese word for “crisis” means “opportunity,” which means any crisis is an opportunity to take a look at your life and make changes, readjust, and set a different course of intention and action to create the life you want.

Every event is a climax of the learning experience. The energy has been built all along and finally comes to the point of shocking, an exciting or sad experience that’s part of dynamic creation. It is also why so many people love dramas in life so they can experience a strong rush of emotional energy that’s exciting and addicting. However, the dramatic energy can short-circuit and have a toll on the physical body. Healthy bodies require vital energy (called Qi by the Chinese and Prana by Indians). When drama depletes the vital energy, the way to gain it back is to plug into the spirit itself.

The whole learning process involves a few basic steps, but it is a nonlinear process. You can learn from step 1 to step 2, but you can also learn all the steps at the same time. Mastering one step will lead you to enlightenment, or you may master all the steps and achieve a heightened level. There is no competition or deadline, but simply a learning experience.

Here are a few basic steps of the learning process:

  • Trust your “inner knowing.”
  • Go inward to connect to your spirit/higher self.
  • To love, love yourself and others.
  • Forgive and be compassionate about yourself and others.
  • Release all negativity and judgment, which is fear-based.
  • Be mindful of your thoughts, action, words and emotions.
  • Be grateful.

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natureIntegrating each part of ourselves in harmony

At the deepest level, we are one with nature. We are simply light energy interconnecting and affecting one another. For human beings to flourish, we need to integrate each part of ourselves to live in harmony.

  • We are part of nature. The existence of the human species depends on Earth and its living environment.
  • We are intelligent beings. As individuals, the integration of body, mind, heart and spirit is vital to the quality of our life.
  • We are part of a whole. We coexist with others and our interaction with our family, community, country, and the world plays an important role in our life.

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Manifesting the soul’s purpose requires us to first connect with our own inner guidance and have faith in ourselves. You may need to reprogram your belief systems. Imagine your whole being is like a machine. Your brain acts as a computer processor that takes commands from many different sources; it could be your parents’ voices and values, or your peers, teachers, bosses, religious and community leaders, or other external commands. Those commands may not have your best interest in mind, but you have been programmed such since you were a child by your family or society. We will not follow others for too long; at a certain point in life, we will rebel or question their motives, because innately we are designed that way. There is energy built within our body — the Chakra system — that may not be visible to our naked eye, but magnetic devices or crystals can find it. For example, one energy center relates to personal willpower and usually activates fully between ages of 14-21. Those teenage years are not easy for most people; some maybe rebel against their parents’ or society’s old belief system, some may turn out to be submissive, and some may integrate gently and smoothly between their own willpower and external forces. Another energy center relates to spirituality and activates between ages 42-49. Usually when we hear people talk about having a midlife crisis, it is perfect opportunity for them to go inward to connect to their spirit rather than go out buy a sports car, for example. If you’ve followed your path all along, when you reach your “midlife,” you want to expand your horizon of the material world into the spiritual world, and eventually your inner spirit is the only commanding voice you hear. Each of the seven energy centers in the Chakra system activates fully during different ages, but they are activated before birth and during our first seven years, too.

These energy centers are:

  • Base Chakra, activated between 1-7 years of age: family and ancestor lineage
  • 2nd Chakra, activated between 7-14: emotion and reproductive system
  • 3rd Chakra, activated between 14-21: willpower
  • 4th Chakra, activated between 21-28: heart center
  • 5th Chakra, activated between 28-35: communication
  • 6th Chakra, activated between 35-42: third eye/mind’s eye, inner vision
  • 7th Chakra, activated between 42-49: spirit

By trusting and having faith in your higher self, you allow your higher self to orchestrate events and miracles for you. The way to manifest anything of your desire is to begin by setting your intention, then visualizing it in your mind’s eye, feeling it with your heart, and then sending it to the universe without expectation (detachment). The reason for detachment is so your ego mind with limitations will not interfere, or force certain outcomes that might cost you something else along the way. Understand we are dealing with an energy force field when we talk about the manifestation of certain desires. It could hurt others or cost your own health (vital life energy). Synchronicity is the sign of manifestation fully guided by your spirit/higher self. Leave all fear-based thoughts and energy out the door, fully trust yourself because your higher self is part of you that connects to everything. Today is the result of yesterday, and tomorrow is result of today; this is simply the universal law of cause and effect. Every moment is the perfect opportunity for you to make changes for the future. Acknowledge the past without judgment, make adjustments and set intentions for the future, and trust your spirit will be there fully guide you through each step. Back to top

Manifesting for Your Soul's Purpose

by Elly Lolly