1. 1. Basic methods to employ daily to align our mind and spirit

    There are three simple ways to help daily alignment of mind and spirit. Once you practice enough, it will become second nature to you.
    1. Affirmation: clearly state your intention (things you would like to accomplish or change) for the day in the morning.
      1. Here are some examples of intentions you can state daily:
        1. I intend to be happy today.
        2. I intend to love myself today.
        3. I intend to treat myself well today.
        4. I intend to see the positive side of things today.
        5. I intend to be nonjudgmental today.
        6. I intend to say hi to every person I met on the street.
        7. I intend to smile today.
      2. You can do this in the bathroom as part of your morning ritual.
      3. You can look in a mirror while you say them out loud or close your eyes and say them silently.
    2. Mindfulness of your daily thought and emotional reactions:
      1. There are many thoughts that pop up during the day in your head; please be mindful of them. If the thoughts are negative, simply recognize them without any emotional attachment, as observing them gives you the opportunity to do something about them. Either understand them or change them.
      2. Similarly, it’s important to recognize the emotional reactions we feel daily, without reacting. There is an easy way to deal with any negative emotions; simply take three deep breaths. (Count to 5 for each inhale and exhale if you don’t know how to do deep breathing.) After that, you may feel differently.
    3. Night reflection:
      1. Meditating at the night, which may only take a half hour of your time, is a good place to reflect what you did during the day. You can see what needs to be changed and what was exactly as you intended.
      2. It is also the time you can be quiet in your own space to ask your spirit guide, angels, ancestors, masters, I AM presence, or God to help you with anything you’d like to release or seek guidance about.
      3. ou can ask the spirit to provide your answers in the form of a dream, a vision, or simply answers you can hear; we all receive information differently. Personally, my guidance comes to me as a dream or first thought of the morning.
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  2. 2. Healing a wounded child

    Please find a comfortable place and talk to your inner child. Your Inner Child will appear in whatever form you are familiar with. Take a deep breath,  and talk to your Inner Child. Here are examples of words you can say to your Inner Child, or you can deliver your own message . “My beloved child, it is safe for you to feel or cry, let whatever emotion you feel to rise. You are so brave to come into this world called Earth. You come from the source of light and shine in your own presence. You are the star! Forgive your parents, they were boxed in their old patterns of perception and beliefs and did not know the gifts you bring into the world. Please forgive their ignorance. Please let go of your pain and suffering. You are a free spirit full of joy and laughter. Your physical body is the compass that allows you to voyage through this dense physical Earth. You are intelligent and wondrous; you are an explorer. You feel every sentient being on the Earth; from the grass on the ground to the birds in the sky, they all whisper in your ear with their wishes, and you are their best friend. You are so pure and have nothing to prove to anyone. You come with everything you need. Being is all you need to do. Simply be yourself. Things will flow through you in perfect timing and synchronicity, and please remember you are a magical child. My beloved.” Back to Top

3. Aligning Six Senses Mantra

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4. Higher Vibration Words of Affirmation

I AM Abundant I AM Accepting I AM Awakened I AM Beauty I AM Benevolent I AM Compassionate I AM Complete I AM Courage I AM Creator I AM Divine I AM Eternal I AM Exuberant I AM Forgiving I AM Grace I AM Grateful I AM Harmony I AM Honorable I AM Hopeful I AM Humble I AM Innocent I AM Inspiration I AM Intelligent I AM Intuitive I AM Joy I AM Light I AM Love I AM Magic I AM Majestic I AM Omniscient I AM Passionate I AM Peace I AM Powerful I AM Pure I AM Quintessential I AM Radiant I AM Serenity I AM Siddhi I AM Tao I AM Unique I AM Unity I AM Valuable I AM Wisdom I AM Yahweh I AM Zen
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