Greetings from My Higherself, Spiritual Masters, and Teachers:

Happy New Year Beloved!

It is our pleasure to greet each of you! Our beloved human sisters and brothers of the earth. You have come a long way this far on the earth plane. We congratulate all of you on your journey so far. Blessing to you all!

For the past few years, the whole earth has been dealing with Covid, and it was a test of your group’s consciousness of love and compassion over fear. Collectively you all have passed the test for a new threshold of the earth plane, and we are delighted to see that.

Coming to the year 2023, a spiritual year of instant manifestation, means positive and negative intentions will instantly manifest, and your karma (good or bad) will return and feel quickly. That is why we are so pleased to see a more positive light on the earth. The overall scale is tipping into the light positive side; even 1% tipping is excellent. Where humanity is heading indeed depends on the leading force of human beings, the collective consciousness.

We love to see the golden age restored on the earth plane, with peace and harmony, yet we also understand the earth is a playground for many of you; We are eager to see the outcome, and your every effort is impacting the earth’s development. Although we are still very saddened to see wars occurring on the planet despite Covid affecting humanity and some even threatening nuclear warfare, we are watching over and monitoring the earth as usual. If intervention is necessary, then we will act.

Beloved, you can call us whenever you need assistance; we are here to assist and offer our love and wisdom whenever you need it. We are one!