Did you know that your life path, happiness or success is locked inside your own DNA, where IChing is the key to unlock it?

太极生两仪IChing/Zhou yi, The book of Change, one of the oldest texts from China.  The 64 gua/hexagrams of IChing were created by Zhou Wenwang, Emperor of the Zhou Dynasty around 1100 BC. The 64 gua/hexagram was derived from the Chinese creation story of yin yang in a combination of heaven, earth, and human relationship.

Where genetic code is a set of rules used by living cells to translate genetic material into proteins.  It is accomplished by the ribosome ( a bio-machine), read 3 nucleotides at a time. There are 4 types of nucleotides T (thymine), A (adenine), C(cytosine), G (guanine).  Also, there is another universal rule that DNA bonding had to follow, where (T) bond with (A),  (C) bond with (G). The genetic code is highly similar among all organisms and can be expressed in a simple table with 64 entries. 

One morning, an inspiration moment and I saw the correlation between the DAN code and the IChing, so the map is created.

  1. First, it derived from the creation story behind the IChing. 无极生太极, 太极 生两仪,两仪生四象,四象生八卦 where Wuji creates Taiji, Taiji contain yin and yang (2 Yi),  Yin Yang creates 4 appearance/shape, 4 appearances create 8 gua .
  2. It is the 4 appearance (太阴, 少阴,太阳,少阳)extreme yin, less yin, extreme yan and less yang matched with 4 nucleotides  T (thymine), A (adenine), C(cytosine), G (guanine).  
  3. base of DNA  code and IChing In IChing gua /hexagram, it is created from the bottom up to represent, earth, human and heaven three combination, so does the DNA coded with 3 nucleotides. 

Based on the time of our birth, the position of the sun, earth, moon and other solar planets, also the astrological wheel and the IChing wheels, human beings are locked in within our DNA with a set of the unique blueprint.  In a way, that our destiny is pre-planned before we coming to earth.  Karma is also locked in our blueprint as negative or fear-based energy. During our lifetime, major events or people coming into our lives to help us unlock those hidden keys, whether it is negative fear need be transmuted or released off our energy field, or positive energies of happiness, fulfillment, etc are all here to help us experience life’s journey.  We are all unique in our own way, yet we are also deeply connected to each other on the earth plane as one big organism.

May we all live our lives to the fullest!  May we create heaven on earth!