Once upon a time, during a cold winter, there were two little girls helping their mother and working in the fields. During a break, their mother asked them: what do you want when you grow up?  The oldest one said: “I want love”, the young one said: “I want money”.   From that moment in time, seems they set the wheel of karma turning and their earthly journey starts.

50 years later, the two sisters met once again at a beautiful penthouse in Shanghai, the apartment is well designed and has an amazing view. The younger sister is so proud to show her older sister her possession of wealth and money. She wants to show her sister how successful she is. She has been living in the shadow of her older sister’s image for so long, ever since they were little that her older sister has been the talk of the town, the brave adventurer and beautiful one. She finally felt she is superior to her older sister now because she has money and wealth that can last her few lifetimes where her older sister is still single and struggling. So, she looks down at her old sister and asked: where is your love?  

Where is my love? The older sister pounded this question.  The image of her childhood popped into her mind. She wanted love at that time because she wanted a warm loving family where girls were wanted and valued.  Being the firstborn, but not a boy, she has been dismissed and rejected by her own parents for being a girl. Her parents never saw the beauty in her, they give her the nickname ” the ugly duck” when she was born. Her mother never saw the loving and forgiving nature in her and simply abuse it, one time, her mother was telling the neighbor: “you know the old one, if you beat her up, she will always come back and say hi mom, but if you beat up the young one, she will not talk to you for three days”.  So she turned into a rebel as she grows up, also marriage was a way out of a controlling family, so she married a foreign man and settled abroad.  Her marriage failed after a car accident, even though she dated afterward but oneway or another, the relationship did not work out.  Yes, there is no lover in terms of male and female romantic relationships, however, there is a deep profound love that she found within her heart and soul.  She noticed all human relationships are conditioned by people’s circumstances, desires, wants, and expectations.   The mother-daughter relationship can be shadowed by the old tradition; the marriage can be shadowed by sickness, health, money, or status; even the sisterhood relationship can be shadowed by competition or jealousy.  Only taping into her own heart and connect to her spirit/higher self that love is endless and unconditional.   

So that love she set out quests for was a deep soul connection, true matrimony to her heart / higher self. it was all along within her but got berried by other’s imprint and projection. When she possess such love and allow it to pass through her heart, she turns into a bubble of love and joy, it is priceless and ageless. In another sense, it is her own inner child which is happy, joyful, loving, and fearless, that was also the reason she was the talk of the town. even though she was not allowed to be herself within her own family, she was able to express it outwardly, which her younger sister did not witness.

So the old sister looked into her younger sister’s eye and said: “my love is here”.