I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped me create Temple Beautiful.

Thank you, attorney ChanYang, who made this non-profit organization possible.

Thank you, the members of our board of directors; Alan and Dandan have been so gracious and passionate, and believe in me. It took two years for us to get this non-organization off the ground.

Thank you, Dr. Matea, for all those years of encouragement and fun we had together while you were in La Jolla: practicing taiqi, meditating, talking to the elements, learning how essential oil affects the body, and singing and dressing up like goddesses in Indian saris.

Thank you, Cheryl Angela, for your angelic voice and beautiful harp music. She helped me clear off so many barriers over my voice. Those were very emotional moments to learn how to sing, opening up my throat chakra and allowing my inner deep voice to surface.

Thank you, Kira, who is not afraid to show her love and affection to anyone in public. My beautiful sister is so much fun, not limited by any rigid customs or norms; she is simply living her beautiful life.

Thank you, Dr. Nancy, for your thoughtfulness and compassionate heart. For all those long walks and talks we had to bounce back and forth on ideas and concepts about spirituality on the way to getting our organic coffee in Bird Rock; for the group meditation we held together where we were flying across the universe, for graciously accepting my unannounced visits whenever I needed clear off my head and have someone to talk to.

Thank you, Marcy, the tingle bell butterfly lady who follows her passion, soaring high with her wings

Thank you, Bonnie, for all your support and caring heart for watching Temple Beautiful grow.

Thank you, Dr. Ramin, one of my best teachers who taught me so much about myself. He made me look inward for all my emotional reactions, my thought process, and my belief patterns, and helped me understand that Western or Eastern medicine and healing methods have potential and limitations.

Thank you, my family, especially my parents for bringing me up in their best capacity. Without my father’s adventurous nature, I would not have ventured overseas. Without my mother’s traditional values, I would not know the inequality between man and woman. They paved the way and allowed me to transform from Dragon to Phoenix.

Thank you, Barbara, for your amazing sight and healing ability. Those healing sessions we had were so profound. Layers and layers of weight lifted off me and allowed me to tap into my own source.

Thank you, all my children, even though I only gave birth to one. They are all beautiful souls who have bright and better futures ahead of them. They are the vision; they are the hope. They are gifts to me from the universe.

Thank you, Stephanie, who had the vision and creativity for creating this beautiful website.

Thank you, all others who are part of my life and have shared their gifts with me, including all those I hold dear in my heart for trusting and believing in me.

Thank you, Universe, that I am here now on the planet Earth to live, experience, and witness profound changes in human history —a beautiful new Earth filled with high vibrational consciousness.