Month of September is a very dynamic and powerful month.  On the 1st day of September, we had solar eclipse which was visible from Africa content across Atlantic and Indian oceans. Then we had Harvest moon lunar eclipse on the 16th of September. The heavenly bodies of Sun, Moon and earth are overlapping and merging with one and another in a total alignment.  Then we enter fall equinox on the 22nd of September where the day and night are in same length.

What are the effects on us when celestial bodies overlapping with each other?

Let us first talk about this month’s Harvest Moon, most of our agriculture around the world are based on lunar calendar to determine when to plant the seed, and when to harvest the fruit of their labor. So historically this month is vital to all agriculture based society.

Before people  harvest their fruits of labor,  the feelings are mixed for many;  some are happy knowing they will have an amazing rewards, some are anxious not sure if they will have enough for next year,  some are worried about bugs may coming eat their fruits, rains may destroy their grains.  All these mixed emotional feelings create a huge invisible energy web covers the earth’s atmosphere.

When the negative energy was released according, nothing will affect the human body, however, if those negative energy did not release accordingly, twisted or pressed, then it may affect people as common cold or flu like symptoms.

If you were sick for the first half of the month with a cold or flu, now you know what you are dealing with- fears and worries of the future.  However, with the solar eclipse on the 1st of the month, added extra dose of influence into the equation. The Sun is not shining and had shadow over it. so anyone who see themselves less than the bright sun, who feel not worth or important, capable of, or less of,  or any of such  shadow opinions of themselves, they will catch that common cold.

After the solar eclipse, then we enter lunar eclipse on the 16th, any person who is not sensible of the changes, or emotions of others, or if they dismiss their own feelings or feelings of others, then they might encounter argument, fight or obstacles with others.

As we enter fall equinox on the 22nd, where day and night in same length. We are enter into a state of balance of yin and yang, masculine and feminine energy. This really is a good time to reflect on yourself. You reap what you sow?  What you need to do to balance your yin/yang energy. What is your relationship with other? Are you being sensible and companionate about other’s feeling or your own feelings? Are you true to yourself? Are you hold your integrity and truth?   On the 23rd of September, we will enter western astrology sign of Libra which is about balance, prosperity, beauty, relationship and family.

This first half of the month was not easy for me, I actually caught the cold right after my own healing session of integrating my divine masculine self, also knowing that I am important within.  I had to purge and release all the stagnated energy out of my body.

My Divine Masculine self-appeared to me as this amazing beautiful Chinese male, more beautiful than any movie stars I ever see, has this amazing energy which  I am simply speechless and hard to describe it in words.  It is like someone fall in love with their dream man.  My divine masculine self was absent for thousands of years, and finally he is ready to integrate with me, it was an emotional moment when it happened.  After that I felt sense of support and peace. I don’t have to be this female warrior anymore but simply be me.

This month is about the balancing divine feminine energy with the support of masculine energy.  For the past thousands of years, women were always consider 2nd class citizen in China and many other parts of the world. There are many women who have to fight against old believe systems and tradition, to be stronger in their own divine feminine energy but without the support of the Masculine energy in general. They have to be the feminine warrior to bring out changes and restore equality and awareness. Some of them even have to put their physical body in danger. Now we are truly enter into a new age, where divine feminine and masculine energy supporting each other.  Thanks this fall of 2016. It is time for U.S.A to have a female president this year!  Hopefully Hillary Clinton overcome this cold/flu of September, come out much more balanced, and have support of both divine feminine and masculine energy, to be a true leader of the world with wisdom and compassion.