What is a true leader?

A true leader possesses the quality of divinity, respect, honor, charisma, inspiration, compassion, benevolence, with an open mind and humble. This quality apply to both male and female leaders.

There is the archetype of king possess those highest quality which is legendary in the western world. However, such energy does exist, but it is not easy for a human being to obtain because it fused with spiritual energy.  Many leaders fall short when they face with power, ego or heart. However, such quality is obtainable in a human being if he could find a way to deal with the pitfall of power, ego, or closed heart.

  • True Power lies empower others
  • The Ego has to transcend into spirit which is divine.
  • The hart needs to be open and filled with love and compassion. Love is opposite of fear.  Love heals wounds and bond people together, love is also an expanded energy.   Compassion naturalize positive and negative aspect of duality. Ying/Yang duality is the makeup of this earth school, compassion creates opportunity to allow a person to make adjustments in duality scale and choose and different point.

For the female leaders, such pitfall of power, ego or closed heart equally applies. Another big challenge of female leader is the battle of the sexes- the role of male and female society has placed on individuals.  A mature and wise female leader need to empower the male in order to empower the female, also balance the masculine and feminine energy within.

Feminine energy (yin) is the creative source, also is the energy of the heart; where the masculine energy (yang) is the energy of the logical scientific mind and action.  The heart is where spirit resides. Also the heart, which refer to as emotional energy center need be balanced and filled with love.  The energy of heart is like a mother who love, nurture and care of its young.  A female leader does not know how to love herself will have nothing to offer to the world and her kingdom will be like an ice castle and everything is cold and frozen.   When a female lead has balanced emotion and her heart is open following with loving energy and connect to the spirit, she has an infinite power supply from the universe.


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